Quality and Food Safety

Quality Guarantee

To make sure our customers get only the best, Petason is committed to selecting prime quality raw materials available in the market every day. Our meat is hygienically tested and laboratory analyzed, and the strict control and supervision of all production process phases is a constant task of the Petason Professional Team for implementing quality and food safety policies.

By breeding our own pigs on the farms, whose capacities are continually increasing, and in cooperative relationships with other breeders, pig and lamb slaughterers, we guarantee domestic, fresh and healthy meat of Croatian origin. We are especially proud of our highly valued domestic breeds; Charolais, Limousin and Simmental offerings, and a very high quality baby beef which is grown on Croatian food and farms, and fed by the hands of Croatian farmers.

In the production of permanent and semi-finished products in the smoked assortment category, we use only high-quality ingredients which, according to traditional Dalmatian recipes and our long experience, provide a combination of flavors and scents of famous Dalmatian cuisine aromas.

The health and safety of our customers is of the utmost importance at Petason. To…
The irrefutable aspect of the food safety and quality control mechanism, and a very important…
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