Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

Our ecological values can be defined by an old saying:
„We have not inherited the nature from our ancestors, but have borrowed it from our descendants.“

Petason is responsibly committed to environmentally sustainable business principles. Our goal is to efficiently manage and use natural resources at all stages of the product life cycle. Every day, we strive to minimize waste to the minimum of environmental risk.

Environmental protection is of the utmost importance to Petason. It is a core tenet of our development plan as we fulfill our strong commitment to social responsibility.

By fulfilling the fundamental requirements of environmental preservation and maintaining a healthy working and social environment, we pay particular attention to the selection of quality biodegradable raw materials.

The prevention of water, air and soil pollution, the use of solar panels in order to rationalize energy, and systematic improvement of environmental management in accordance with legislation is under constant control of the Petason team. Through the development of our employees’ environmental awareness and regular controls and analysis of authorized institutions, Petason continuously ensures a healthy environment and a natural balance.

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