Petason d.o.o. was founded in 1990. At its beginnings the company’s primary business activities focused on the breeding and sale of live pigs and chickens on farms in the area around Split.

Povijest Petason d.o.o.

Over time, the company expanded the range of its activities to include the production, processing, packaging and distribution of fresh pork, veal and beef. A clear indicator of Petason’s growth ambitions was its acquisition of Mesopromet d.o.o. in 2004, one of the largest industrial meat processors in the former Yugoslavia. Along with complete renovation and expansion of fresh meat production facilities, Petason expanded its business scope from covering Split and its surrounding areas to include Dalmatia and other regions of Croatia.

The following years we embarked on a period of growth and development in all areas of the company, with major investments aimed at strengthening market competitiveness and a heavy emphasis on ensuring product quality and safety. The company introduced the HACCP standard in 2006, ISO 9001: 2008 standard in 2012 which was later recertified to more current quality management standard – ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000: 2010 standard in 2013, all in a committed effort to meet the high regulatory requirements for food safety.

By the end of 2016, Petason opened a new state of the art manufacturing facility for the production of permanent and semi-finished products to diversify its assortment by offering customers a full list of smoked meat products under the BOKUN GUŠTA brand, translated to mean “A Little Piece of Pleasure”.

In 2018, Petason partnered with the Baby Beef Association to promote Croatia’s local heritage food, by offering high quality beef from cattle grown on Croatian farms with food from Croatian fields.

From 2020, Petason d.o.o. is a proud owner of one of the most important certificates in the food industry, IFS Food standard, whose use ensures both standardization and stability of a guaranteed quality. Through IFS standards we meet the criteria of food safety management which are our business priority.

Aware of the climate change impact, and with the aim of protecting and harmlessly acting on the environment, the company in 2021 – with the support of grants from EU funds – makes significant investments in renewable energy sources, i.e. the installation of solar panels.

The year 2023 is particularly important for the development of the company, given that Petason d.o.o. becomes the 100% property of the company Tommy d.o.o., thereby further strengthening its position in the wholesale and distribution of meat and meat products on the Dalmatian market. Also, in the same year, the investment project in the company’s new, third production facility – intended for the production of filled durable products – was completed, with which Petason once again greatly expands the palette of its quality offer.

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